Marketing Rant #1 – What I Didn’t Learn In School

What I didn’t learn in School

I may have mentioned in my previous blogs, or I may have not. I am not a strong supporter of school. Most of what I’ve learned today that are effective in interviews are skills that I picked up from the streets (gee. does that ever sound ghetto) or by reading. Today, I started playing around with Quora and discovered that it is a really awesome site to get your questions answered and to find out little facts about what you may want to know.

Melanie’s Blog and Selling?

On Quora, I came across a blog by Melanie Haselmayr. I have been having a tough time doing sales calls and I’m learning that I might not be the best salesman. Complete respect for salespeople, it’s a tough gig. “20 Sales Calls A Day” by Melanie really did give me some much needed inspiration. I quote:

“Experts say you get 1 lead for every 25 contacts you make. Let’s say you contact 300 potential clients; you’ll have 12 leads.

50% of those leads will be qualified = 6
50% of those qualified will be interested = 3
50% of those interested will actually buy = 1.5
80% of those willing to buy will actually close = 1″

I’ve also heard statistics somewhere that out of 100 women that a guy goes after, there is 1 that will be serious relationship material. I feel like George Costanza saying that, but it puts into perspective that, statistically, getting a sale is more difficult than getting a girlfriend. 

** Aside: I do not know how to feel about these statistics.


Content Marketing for Groove?

Today, I also found a blog by Alex Turnbull. Well, not today, I actually subscribed to them a few days back, but I didn’t pay much attention to the originator until today to notice it’s the same guy. So, Alex’s writing was so effective, that it managed to get me to subscribe the first time I read it and grab my attention the second time to share it. You can find it here:

From 0 to $100k/month in 2 years is out of this world. Here’s a summary of the lessons I’ve learned for my reference and yours:

  1. NOTHING more important than knowing your customers
    • Talk to customers to avoid making mistakes (like spending $50k building a site/app they don’t want)
  2. “You’re In” Email
    • Sending an email to ask them why they signed up
      • Personally, this makes sense. I never thought of it until now. People like attention and here you’re giving it, what better way to create brand advocates than showing that you genuinely care?
  3. Customer Service
    • Alex spends half of his time doing customer support
      • Support is good and it will show your employees that you are actually getting data and doing enough analysis to lead the team.
      • I’ve been part of teams that was not like this. Part of teams where the leader is out-of-the-office a lot of the time with no factual feedback from clients. That’s a red flag.
  4. Power of Messaging, Positioning, and Copy
    • Designing a site that comes from the customers’ mouths.
  5. Content Marketing is Ridiculously Effective (If you do it right)
    • Quality content, blogs, guest blogs, customer service blogs
      • I’m trying and testing this now, this would be my 4th post, but I do foresee value in creating a genuine connection with my audience. There’s no subterfuge.
  6. Take Time to Create Good Content
    • I am spending my day scouring for good reads that I’d like to share and writing blog posts about them, so I am spending hours creating one post. But it is actually very therapeutic and maybe it’ll pay off one day ;)?
  7. Promote the Absolute Hell Out Of It
    • “First, if your content is truly valuable, then you owe it to people to get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. And second, influencers are influencers because they add value to their audience. If your content adds value to their audience, they’re happy to share it.”

I am still learning about how to promote blogs, websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts and pages. I will definitely document what I learn here, so definitely follow me if you want to learn with me.


Don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts and opinions with readers and myself. In today’s world, we definitely have to keep on learning to stay relevant and not be out of a job.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Look forward to the next one!

Best wishes,



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