What is there to know about me?

I do really hate it when people say “Just Ask” when they want people to know about them. It’s so ridiculously boring and dry. Do they really don’t know a few highlights about themselves?

From that sentence, you can already tell that I can be very opinionated. Here’s some things about me right now that are true:

  • I major in Business and Computer Science (1 course left till graduation, can’t wait!)
  • I’m into Entrepreneurship and Technology (websites and mobile apps, tell me about it!)
  • I’m into languages (so far I can speak French, English, and Cantonese at different levels. Working on Spanish and Russian)
  • I’m single (and ready to mingle?)

I have really gotten into LinkedIn lately. It’s a great way to make great network connections, if you’re reading my blog and you like what I write, then don’t hesitate to connect.

Best Wishes,



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