A White-Labeled Bottle

A White-Labeled Bottle

It was every other night – except, tonight I received a parcel – a bottle of wine, my favourite kind of refreshment. “You will be poisoned,” a strange label on the wine bottle. I thought nothing of it, and left it by the door of the washroom as I took a shower. Three friends came in for a chat as I showered, one asked me what our plans were after I get out of the shower. The other was noticeably drunk already in the early night. The third inquired about the strange bottle I received.

Five minutes later, tired of them disturbing my time of self-cleansing, I left the showers to two of the three still lounging around. I gazed upon their bored faces upon noticing my missing parcel and the third friend. Disturbed by the label, I took off after her – frantic. She was always the curious idiot. I left the house and found her collapsed in the parking lot. I rushed over to check on her condition – breathing, alive – and noticed the bottle next to her, emptied.

The other two from the bathroom rushed to the door, uneasy about my capricious behaviour. I looked at them, then looked to the floor next to them. A pair of overalls, they weren’t there a minute ago when I arrived at the door. I carried over my unconscious friend and direct the other two to take her in and close the door behind me.

I inspected the pair of overalls – it’s warm. There were many inner pockets within it and I ran my hand through every limb. As, I was rummaging through the left arm – the last limb – I pulled out a bottle. “You will be poisoned.” The same bottle over by where – it’s gone. It was just by where she had collapsed and it’s gone! The contents of what the bottle held was a red liquid foam. I twisted off the cap and turned over the bottle, emptying the contents onto the lawn. The grass burned and fizzled like acid eating through aluminium.

A sense of unease came over my entire being. I looked over my shoulder to find a man wearing overalls, a clown’s wig, and a red nose. Bewildered, I blinked. He was gone. The pair of overalls I left next to me was gone. I stood alone, confused, with questions:

Why was my friend on the ground, unconscious? Will she be alright?

What happened to the first, emptied, bottle?

Where did the pair of overalls come from and where did it go?

Was the second bottle meant for me?

Who was the man in the overalls?

Fear, confusion, and curiousness plagued my entire being. The night was calm and the stars were bright. I looked towards the sky with the streetlights in sight. They flickered, then dimmed, then blackness. A power outage? I highly doubt it. A deathly, cold breeze swept by me. Strangely unnerved, I look forward to what further events may occur tonight…


This post has nothing to do with my daily life, my business, or my thoughts. It was just a purely fictional dream/nightmare I had. Thought it made for a nice blog post/story. Hope you enjoyed it.