Hello world!

My first blog. I’ve been told that writing the first blog always takes a lot of time, so I just want to experience that for myself. Actually, one may ask, why have you started writing a blog? One answer could be, I started my own business called MealShelf at mealshelf.com and I wanted to use it for shameless self-promoting.

Another reason would be that I like challenges and I want to see how much of a presence I can build from nothing.

The most exciting reason would be – well, have you ever done journal entries back in grade school? You see, from around grades 3 to 5, we always had to write small journal entries about random things after lunch. It was incredibly boring, and I did not much like it, but we wrote journal entries about our lives.

How ironic that today at 23, I start seeing the value of sharing my thoughts and opinions with unmet readers.

Right now, I am writing from Simon Fraser University in downtown Vancouver. Instead of doing my homework, I shall be dedicating some good time to create some good reads. My opinion on startups, personal thoughts, and random spontaneous events in my life is what I would share. I’m very open to responses, both positive and negative, I’m pretty sturdy.

Funny story, on my travels, I walked up to a girl in a café with her friend because I thought she was stunning. “Excuse me, I want to tell you something.” I said. “What do you want? Can you go away? Can’t you see we’re having a conversation.” she responded.

It was a shock, but not something that kept me up at night. I found it both hilarious and memorable. As for what happened with that, I guess I’ll conclude it in my next post.